Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Wedding ring give a symbol of bounding between bride and groom. Regardless how big or small the ring is, it does not matter at all, as long as both, the bride and groom know what the is the core function of the wedding ring.

How lovely it is?


" A compilation of two hearts"
Easy to pronounce, however it is a very big responsibility to carry on one shoulder. That is why marriage is a combination of two hearts, two shoulder and two brains to act rationally in this extremely unpredictable world of marriage.

It is not easy to have that guts to carry this responsibility. For my very one opinion, I am still not ready for carrying those responsibilities because for me, wedding does not stop only at a point; it is a start of every journey. Such as, have to know the in laws, having babies, and etc. Apparently most people do because of their pure love. A solute to them.

Wedding is pure. Not a single reason I found to hate it. I must admit I love wedding and I do have a hobby regarding wedding. Yes, believe it or not, even I am so scared to carry the responsibility, I love wedding especially snapping wedding photograph. It starts with a simple hobby to complete my part 3 subject; it finally turns out to be one of my major interests.

Snapping a photograph is easy. I am saying this because you don’t have to carry any responsibility conversely to snapping a wedding photograph. A significant job that most bride and groom put their trust on for that momentous day. So here are some of my collections as a freelance wedding photographer.